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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 28, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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to the door of the oven. >> mike huckabee comments comparing iran nuclear deal to holocaust is leaving fallon speechless. a report shows donald trump may not be as wealthy as he claims. woman who is believed to be the league's very first female coach. 2:30 out west 5:30 in the east. this is "way too early," the only show that proudly shows its worth. good morning everyone. it's tuesday, july 28. i'm ayman mohyeldin. president obama and mike huckabee exchange words
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yesterday. in to apologies after the former arkansas go arkansas governor and presidential candidate said this. the president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he's so naive that he would trust the iranians and march the israelis to the door of the oven. >> in particular to comments from mr. huckabee are i think part of just a general pattern we've seen that is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. when you get rhetoric like this it may be gets attention and maybe this is just an effort to push mr. trump out of the headlines. but it's not the kind of
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leadership that is needed if for america right now. >> the last time the world did not take seriously threats that someone was going to kill massive amounts of jews, we ended up seeing 6 million jews murdered. we didn't take it seriously. the iranian government -- not talking about a blogger -- talking about the iranian government that said it will be easier to take the jews out because they're concentrated in israel. three times i've been to. i know what it looks like. >> presidential candidates have begun weigh in. senator cruz said huckabee is exactly right to highlight the threat the obama nuclear deal poses to the nation of israel. it's a sad day when the
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president of the united states cannot or will not see this truth. two other fellow candidates did not share huckabee's opinion. >> i've been to israel not as many times as mike huckabee who i respect, but the use of that language is just wrong. this is not the way we're going to win elections. unfortunate remark. not quite sure why he felt compelled to say it. having said that this is a bad deal. i see why people are angry. >> much like mr. trump, huckabee or anybody else. i'm going to let them speak for r themselves. i tell people why i'm against the iran deal. it's flat out a bad deal. >> meanwhile the new poll in new hampshire has donald trump in the lead again. 24% shows trump doubling 12% pick jeb bush. the votes are are taken from near all of his opponents.
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appears hurt chris christie ted cruz and scott walk ter post. the poll has john kasich moving up to third, tied with walker. this comes after the nbc poll saw a spike in the governor's poll this week. and bloomberg shows donald trump may only be worth a third of what he claimed in the past. he claimed he's worth nearly $10 billion. this puts the number closer to $2.9 billion. it shows for instance, his golf properties are worth $570 million. he said previously it was worth $2 billion. the report does acknowledge there may be other assets the analysis doesn't include like 11 entities on federal financial disclosure report that have no values or income and doesn't attach a value to his brand.
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a spokesperson for trump declined to comment. spanish back on display yesterday in the interview, the former florida governor opened up about his family's spanish heritage and shared a story about his son's early bouts with discrimination. [ speaking spanish ] [ speaking spanish ]
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>> pretty impressive language skills. i wish i had those. turning overseas united states and turkey have reached agreement to create what officials are calling islamic state free zone. turkish leaders suggest the area 60 miles long between aleppo and river could become a resort zone. that's short of the no fly zone the turkish government has sought. the officials say the goal would be create a base are from u.s. based troop could take the fight to isis. it would also allow co ealition forces to use the air bases to attack the militants.
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president obama is the first u.s. president to address the african union. it is his final day overseas before heading back to washington. the president had some good moments in his trip. yesterday president obama had a memorable visit at ethiopia national pals awith s aace with lucy 3.2 million years old. the senior curator says it shows how all opponents, even political, are connected. >> every percent here is connected. >> that's amazing. >> little jab there at donald trump from the curator of the museum. interesting. >> president obama spoke at the
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dinner with the prime minister. >> when you see our ancestor 3.5 million years old, we are reminded ethiopians americans, all the people of the world are part of the same human family. the same chain. so much of the hardship and conflict and sadness and violence that occurs around the world is because we forget that fact. we look at super official differences as opposed to seeing the fundamental connection we all share. >> not going to go there. don't get mein trouble. let's turn to business. dow sent to lowest level in six months. geoff is back in london. there are a lot of worries. >> i think at the moment people are saying let's wait and see on
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chinese market. they're not as developed as they are in the united states and western democracies. there's no doubt what's going on in china is affecting everybody. chinese authorities stepped in today. the central bank injected 50 billion into money markets. that hasn't arrested the declines. it is starting to infect other markets. 144 chinese companies are listed on the u.s. ex change. we've seen u.s. investors lose money if they backed those companies. about $40 billion is wiped off the notional value of those businesses since chinese declines started. since the shanghai exchange peaked in june. also worth pointing out the chinese are going beyond putting money into this market to try and stop the force. they've announced today there will be investigations and
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probes into potential funds that have been dumping shares. they are doing everything they can at the moeptment to try to stop further down side. we'll watch to see if they're success successful. i wanted to move on to this. 13 major u.s. companies now signing up to the president's ambitious goals on climate gas reduction. he's talking six tons of remissions reduction. that to take place 2030. all of this leads to the paris summit at the end of the year. the latest move by companies like wal-mart amazon coca-cola that signed up, all of that suggests we might have a better atmosphere running to climate talks in paris at the end of the year. back to you. >> geoff, need you to look into your crystal ball. the windows 10 operating system. what are analysts looking at?
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optimistic at all? >> this is fascinating isn't it? normally when you get in the operating system from microsoft, you get pay big upgrade cycle for pc market. this time around microsoft is saying you can upgrade for free. your windows 7 and windows 8. some analysts are divided on whether this will help the pc market at all. we know it's been of a gradual funk over the last four years. maybe it won't be that big sale as far as pc market is concerned. a lot of people that struggled with windows 7 and 8 are pleased to see the new operating system. it remains to be seen whether windows 10 is actually going to deliver here. i don't know about you. i'm bit of i a dinosaur. xp can did it for me. i was sad to see the end of upgrades on xp. will 10 deliver? we'll wait and watch.
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back to you. >> thanks geoff. live from london. thanks for that update. last might, historic move for boy scouts of america. the administration ended a ban on openly gay leaders. troops are able to choose leaders even if it excludes lgbt adults. this includes the mormon church who's considering reaffiliation with the group. find out which american city is no longer in the running to host the 2024 olympic games. we'll tell you who. and conan o'brien is accused of stealing a man's joke on the internet. we'll have those stories when "way too early" comes back.
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it's great to be here. i want you to know full disclosure, i came for one reason. i thought abby wambach was going to be here. i don't know where the blee[ bleep ] she is. i'm leaving. >> that was a joke by biden about abby wambach in her hometown. that leads us to this. proposal appearanced opposition from boston residents. wolf refuses to let the city absorb the costs. boston could have been a great host city rather he says. now leaders are focussing on los angeles. the the two cities should be competing for worst traffic in
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the world, rome and la. jenn welter joins this team as a coach intern. she played football at several levels and became the first female to play non kicking position in a men's professional league. she was a member of the texas revolution back in 2014 and even has a phd in psychology. now to mayor league baseball in chicago. cubs trailing rockies 8-7 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and a man on first. >> way back. ball game over. >> you can tell from the moment it left the bat. bryant with a two-run homer to give the cubs the 9-8 walkoff win. down to baltimore. tied in the bottom of the 11th. >> it is gone. >> gone a solo shot.
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alex rodriguez playing on his 40th birthday. he celebrated with this shot 24th home run of the season and sixth time he's hit one out on his birthday. a big league bat. now he's the fourth ever to hit a home run as a teenager and in his 40s. as for the game yankees win it 6-2. in december astros announced taylor swift would perform at minute maid park in september. it noted the show could be subject to change. a lot of folks had fun with that. after posting 70 and 92 record last season, it's no wonder the post garnered headlines like this one from the "huffington
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post." seems astro will have the last laugh. this was tweeted yesterday. the 55 and 45 astros are a game behind angels in the american league west and lead the wildcard standings. let's get a check on weather with taylor swift's number one fan. >> i'm okay with swift. why not? pretty interesting pictures from montana. we're at the peak of summer heat. a random storm with cold air behind it blew through montana. it snowed yesterday at the top. 11,000 feet elevation. still only 40 degrees and light chilly rain. this storm moved through montana. out ahead of that warm and cold air colliding. thunderstorms moved through the da dakotas. sioux falls you're safe.
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sioux city thunderstorms rolling through your area. >> nine million people at risk. tornado damage is low. minneapolis, des moines omaha all included. heat continues, heat warnings southern half of the missouri. heat index in st. louis could be 111. look at relief coming your way by thursday. you peak out in heat today. the east heat sliding our way. heat advisories new york city. heat index mid-90s three days in a row that could last to the upcoming weekend. look at washington d.c. you'll peak thursday feeling like 104. first time summer a lot of big heat is shifting to the east. we've been waiting for it. it's been this the middle of the country a long time. now the east turn. >> thanks for that update. still ahead no, laughing matter. schneider falls victim to burglars. the item thieves got away with.
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announcer ] fiber one.
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time now for a look at morning's other headlines. we head to our hollywood crime correspondent in the control room. >> that's right. the los angeles home was burglarized. the burglars made off with his wife's diamond engagement ring
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and a watch, also his willie mays rookie card worth reported $175,000. that hurts. the actor known for collecting baseball cards in 50s and 60s was out of town when the thieves broke in by breaking a sliding glass window. hope he gets that card back. we'll have to see. let's go to no laughing matter. a san diego man is is suing conan o'brien accusing him of stealing his jokes. here's one example. highlighted in the complaint, he says he posted a joke on january 14th about a delta airlines flight and passengers fighting over the armrests. here's what appeared on conan later this day. >> on monday a delta flight from cleveland to new york took off with just two passengers on the whole plane. yet somehow they spent the whole flight fighting over the the
2:55 am
armrest. >> conan's production company says the lawsuit has no merit. now to news from the high seas. a family of treasure hunters struck gold diving off the coast of florida last month. they found $1 million of sunken treasure gold coins and gold chain but kept it under wraps. >> by the end of the day, i was like somebody come over here and get more of this treasure. >> you can go from nothing to everything in one day. >> man, i want to be a treasure hunter and find treasure. it coincides with the 300th anniversary of the spanish fleet off the florida coast. speaking of jackpots # the orange county fair in southern california this week apparently he won every stuffed animal.
2:56 am
the three time nba all star wrote we got ban ed from the basketball hoops at orange county fair. orange county fair officials say that's not true. he hit the prize limit of 15. he's welcome back any time. i didn't know there was a prize limit. >> that's impressive. what's better is you hope schneider gets the the baseball card back not his wife's engagement ring. >> you know. sports fan. can always get another ring. that card i think is pretty much priceless. >> bet your feeiance will like to hear that one. mika coming up. >> thank you. mike huckabee beerefuses to back down from comments comparing
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iran deal to the holocaust. are candidates doing it all to drive a donald trump? we're following several developments on the republican front runner including another poll showing trump leading big in new hampshire. we'll talk to senator joe manchin about the nuclear deal. he's talked to nearly all countries involved in the negotiations. he will tell us where he stands and more. all this coming up on "morning joe." and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company
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♪ this president's foreign policy is the most fecqs will in american history. he's so naive, he would trust the iranians and would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> oh! >> he would take


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